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Independent Films with Heart?

At Polydactyl Pictures our goal is to create innovative films that either crack people up or tug on their heartstrings. A Polydactyl film is carefully crafted to offer momentary relief from a chaotic world.

Trey posing at editbay Behind the scenes of Bars in Bloom

Who’s Behind Polydactyl Pictures?

Trey and Wendy Solberg are veterans in the production business.  They have written, produced, shot and edited all types of visual presentations over the last two decades.  After years of helping their clients create commercials, public service announcements, web series, documentaries and indie films this dynamic duo decided it was high time to pour some of that energy into their own projects.  So began several creative ventures “just for the fun of it” and Polydactyl Pictures was born.

Wendy behind the scene for Snow in Love Trey on location with camera

What is a Polydactyl?

As is the case with most creative types, the Solbergs are cat lovers who share their home and studio with two cats, Claire & Digit. Aptly named, Digit was born with two extra toes on each paw. This poly-dactyl condition is unusual and definitely makes Digit “stand” out in a crowd.  When it came time to name their production company, Trey and Wendy glanced over at their big footed puddy slumbering in the editor’s chair and the rest is history. 

digit the cat posing on Bars in Bloom Set Digit on the Bars in Bloom Set
Claire on the Bars in Bloom set Close up Digit's foot
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