Current Projects

  Dance Family -Documentary

  This doc will delve into generations of families who teach, perform
  and live dance.





  Status –In Production


Snow In Love - Animated Short

Two frozen lovers brought to life by the spirit of Christmas struggle to stay together as long as possible.




Status – In Festivals

  Intersection – Short Film, Drama

  One road, two travelers. When they meet at an “intersection”
  paradigms begin to shift.

  Status – In development

  Casting – Date to be announced:
  Female mid 30s, a nature and art lover, free spirited.
  Male late 30s early 40s, type A business exec

  Magic Toast – Short Film, Fairy Tale

  An animated fairy tale about a little princess, her extraordinary mother   and a small adventure that changes everything. This short film is perfect   for a children's audience but will also touch the hearts of anyone who has   been raised by a single parent.

  Status - In Pre-production

Past Projects

  Pie anxiety - Promotional Video, Comedy

  This clip was created to have fun with the kitchen antics of
  yester year. It's Twilight Zone meets Leave It To Beaver

  Status –Completed
  Silver Telly Award Winner

  Atticus Christmas - Animation

  This is our first public attempt at stop motion animation for 2013
  A fun little happening

  Status - Completed

  Blonde Booster - Spoof Comercial, Comedy

  This is a spoof comercial poking fun at many of today's pharmacutical
  spots with their promises and side affects

  Status - Completed